UV Gel Polish 15 ml 7.11


SKU: 5025/7.11

Perfect Nails NOVELTY – stretchy soak-off UV Gel-Polish in a bottle with a brush. For the first time in the world, gel and coloured nail polish hybrid invented in 2009.

This impressive product looks like gel, however it applies like polish :

  • regular use helps to grow long and strong nails;
  • unlike the nail polish it doesn’t peel or chip;
  • to change the shade of UV Gel-Polish is very simple, just in over 15 minutes without harmful effects on natural nails;

Most importantly – your manicure with this UV Gel-Polish will last up to 21 days !

UV Gel-Polish usage :
Shake well before use! UV Gel-Polish must be shaken before use, balls in the bottle will evenly mix the pigment.
Carefully push back and remove the cuticles from the nail.
With 180 grit file or sanding block lightly file nail surface. This way UV Gel-Polish will adhere better to natural nail. Remove any dust with the dusting brush.
If you want the UV Gel-Polish to last longer use a nail degreaser-dehydrant PREP and the bonding product ULTRABOND. These aids need to cover the natural nail over the entire nail length. Apply PREP and after it dries apply ULTRABOND.
Now, the nail is ready for UV Gel-Polish application. Apply a thin layer of the UV Base/Top Coat over the entire length of the nail and cure it in the UV lamp for 2 minutes.
Apply your selected UV Gel-Polish colour and cure it for another 2 minutes. Try to apply UV Gel-Polish colour as evenly as possible to avoid additional layer.
When finished applying UV Gel-Polish colour, apply a final clear UV Base/Top coat with an extremely thin layer. And once again cure it in the lamp for 2 minutes.
Wipe off sticky residue with UV Gel Cleanser.

UV Gel-Polish removal:
With 180 grit file, file off the shiny layer of the nail. This way the nail absorbs product better.
Damp cotton pad with acetone, place it on the nail coated with UV Gel-Polish and foil wrap the finger.
Keep it for 15 minutes .
Remove the foil and using the orange stick or a metal manicure tool gently remove lifted UV Gel-Polish.